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Submitting jobs from Windows to a remote Linux machine has stopped working, and I get this error message in the startup shell:

The server's host key does not match the one PuTTY has cached in the registry. This means that either the server administrator has changed the host key, or you have actually connected to another computer pretending to be the server.
The new rsa2 key fingerprint is:
ssh-rsa 2048 fingerprint
Connection abandoned

What can I do?

This can happen if the network card was modified on the remote machine, for example. To fix this problem, you can configure the connection to the remote machine again as described below.

  1. Choose Start → All Programs → Schrodinger-year → Remote Login Configuration.
  2. In the Remote Access Setup panel, click Initialize Host Access. The Remote Access Initialization panel opens.
  3. In the Hosts from Schrodinger.hosts list, select the machine in the Host column to which you want to submit jobs.
  4. Click Initialize. You will be asked for the password to the remote machine. After you have entered it, the public key is copied for you onto the remote machine.
  5. Click Test. When the test finishes, you will see the following in the Status field:
    Remote Access Setup for 'user' on 'remote-machine' is verified Successfully.

Now you should be able to submit jobs to the remote machine again.

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