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When I move the pointer into the Workspace, it disappears. Why is this?

This problem often occurs on Linux computers that have low-end graphics cards, such as the Intel integrated graphics adapter (e.g. GMA 945 series). Maestro uses graphics capabilities extensively, so it is recommended to install a high-performance graphics card.

A workaround is available by setting the SCHRODINGER_CURSOR_FIX environment variable:

  • Setting SCHRODINGER_CURSOR_FIX=1 before launching Maestro forces Maestro to use the standard system mouse pointer (arrow) regardless of workspace context.
  • Setting SCHRODINGER_CURSOR_FIX=2 enables a customized (yellow) mouse pointer, but it is displayed using an opaque background.
  • Unsetting SCHRODINGER_CURSOR_FIX or setting it to a value other than 1 or 2 disables the workaround.

Keywords: Maestro, cursor, pointer, Workspace, graphics

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