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I want to run Maestro on a Linux host and display it to my Windows PC. How do I do this?

Probably the best option is to install an NX server on your remote Linux machine and a client on your local Windows machine, and use NX to connect to your remote machine. Another similar alternative is to use a VNC server on Linux and a VNC client on Windows.

If the purpose is to submit jobs from a Windows machine to a Linux machine, then you can install Maestro on the Windows machine and set up remote access from the Windows machine. This is the best option if the Windows machine remains connected to the network while the jobs are running. If not (such as in the case of a laptop that you take with you), then using NX is a better option.

If neither NX nor VNC is an option for you, you can run Maestro remotely on Linux and display it to Windows using an X server, which you will have to install. There are several options, some are commercial products, some are free open-source. One free product is Xming, which you can download from Make sure to download and install both the Xming-Mesa and Xming-fonts packages. You will need to manually start the Xming X server before connecting to the remote machine via ssh with -X forwarding and launching Maestro.

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