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Maestro failed to start with the following error message. I have a license, so what can I do to fix this problem?

FATAL got_license: could not check out a license for mmlibs version 1.8
FATAL mmerr_initialize: got_license() failed
FATAL -15: Unable to obtain valid Maestro license key. MAESTRO_MAIN

This could be the result of license server problems, which you may be able to fix by shutting down and restarting the license server. First, ensure that you are logged in on the license server machine using an account that has the necessary permissions.

If you have the Schrödinger software installed on or accessible to the license server, you can use the procedures below. Otherwise you will have to use the FlexNet commands, for which you should refer to the FlexNet documentation.

You can restart the server with the Diagnostics application, after logging on to the license server host.

  1. Start the Diagnostics application:
    Linux: Enter $SCHRODINGER/diagnostics in a terminal window.
    Windows: Choose Start → All Programs → Schrodinger-release → Diagnostics.
    Mac: Go to Applications → Schrodinger-release →
  2. In the License tab, go to the Server Status tab.
  3. Click Stop License Server, then click Start License Server.

If you are using Suite 2011 or earlier, or if the above process does not fix the problem, you can restart the server as follows.


Shut down the license server with the following command:


Then search for any orphaned Schrodinger processes with

ps -ef|egrep 'SCHROD|lmgrd'

and kill any processes that are listed. Next, check for a lockSCHROD file in either /usr/tmp or /var/tmp and remove it if one exists. Now restart the license server with the following command:

$SCHRODINGER/licadmin START -c $SCHRODINGER/license -l lmgrd.`hostname`.log

You should now be able to start Maestro.


If you installed the license locally on your Windows machine, you should have some .bat scripts that were provided with your license that allow you to start and stop the server. These scripts should be on your desktop.

  1. Double-click the lic_stop.bat script on your desktop, to stop the license server.
  2. Double-click the lic_start.bat script on your desktop, to start the license server again.

If you do not have access to these scripts, you can use the following instructions:

  1. Open a Schrodinger command window:
         Suite 2011 on: Start → All Programs → Schrodingeryear → Schrodinger Command Prompt
         Suite 2010: Start → All Programs → Schrodinger2010 → SchrodingerCmdShell
  2. Enter the following commands:

    run licadmin STOP
    run licadmin START -c installation\license.txt -l installation\lmgrd.log

    where installation is the path to your Schrödinger software installation (C:\Schrodingeryear by default).
  3. To verify that the license server is running, enter the following command.

    run lmutil lmstat -a -c installation\license.txt
  4. Close the command window.

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