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Is there an alternative to using the GUI to add or update the Schrödinger extensions in a KNIME installation?

Yes. As of the 2014-2 release, you can use the command-line tool, This tool automatically installs KNIME features and Schrödinger extensions into an existing KNIME installation.

You can find this script in your Schrödinger software installation, under $SCHRODINGER/knime-vversion/python, or you can download it from

The main options are:


For a full description, run the following command:

"$SCHRODINGER/run" -FROM knime -h

To update the Schrodinger extensions in an existing Desktop KNIME installation:

"$SCHRODINGER/run" -FROM knime -schrod_updatesite path-to-update-site/  path-to-KNIME-installation

To install the Schrödinger extensions and a couple of other extensions in a fresh Desktop KNIME installation:

"$SCHRODINGER/run" -FROM knime -install_basechem 2.9 -schrod_updatesite path-to-update-site/ 
-knime_updatesite 2.9 -knime_features_list  path-to-list/feature.lst  path-to-KNIME-installation

with the feature.lst file containing for instance: 

The names of the features in this file can be displayed by choosing File → Install New Software in the KNIME GUI and looking in the Install details window.

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