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How do I set up access to the license server from a client machine?

Using the Configuration application

Run the Configure Schrodinger Software application:

  • Mac: Applications → SchrodingerSuitesrelease →
  • Windows: Start → All Programs → Schrodinger-release → Configure Software
  • Linux: $SCHRODINGER/utilities/configure

If your license administrator has given you a 'stub' license file suitable for installation on client machines, install it via "Add Licenses [I have a license file]". Alternatively, you can specify the license server information directly (machine name and port) via "Add Licenses [I can identify my license server]".

Client configuration from the command line

If you have a 'stub' license file suitable for installation on client machines, you can install it from the command line (terminal or, on Windows, a Schrodinger Commmand Prompt) with:

  • Linux/Mac: $SCHRODINGER/licadmin INSTALL -c path_to_license_file
  • Windows: licadmin INSTALL -c path_to_license_file

Starting with the 2021-2 release, it is possible to configure a client from the command line using just the license server information, rather than a 'stub' license file:

  • Linux/Mac: $SCHRODINGER/licadmin INSTALL -c port@server
  • Windows: licadmin INSTALL -c port@server

Installations on shared filesystems

If the Schrödinger installation directory is on a shared filesystem (this is particularly common on networked Linux machines), it can be more convenient to place the client license file into the Schrödinger installation rather than in the release-independent location (e.g. /opt/schrodinger/licenses on Linux) because the latter usually is a local filesystem. Our tools will install licenses in the release-independent location by default (if permissions allow), but you can manually move the client file (it will have a 80_client* prefix) to $SCHRODINGER/licenses so it is accessible to all machines which mount that filesystem. Please note that with this configuration, the $SCHRODINGER/licenses directory will need to be modified when installing any new release.

Communication with the license server

The client machine must be able to make TCP connections to the ports on the license server machine on which the license server processes are listening. These are set by default to 27008 and 53000 on the SERVER and VENDOR lines of the server's license file. You may have to configure the server firewall to open these ports.

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