We’re a diverse global team, dedicated to scientific inquiry and problem-solving. We work hard for our users, our partners, our colleagues, and above all, for patients in need.
To encourage our employees to engage in their communities — whether in a STEM classroom, a food bank, or any other worthy cause — Schrödinger launched a new benefit in 2019. Each U.S.-based employee can take an extra paid day off each year to carry out volunteer work.

We’re eager to see what we can accomplish together.

“We’re proud that so many of our employees are eager to spend time training and mentoring students in STEM subjects. These are the kids who will be driving the scientific breakthroughs of the future.”

Jenny Chambers, Ph.D., senior scientist on Schrödinger’s education and outreach team

“Working at Schrödinger means you’re surrounded by exceptionally bright, capable, and curious colleagues. We have a lot of intense scientific discussions. But we have a lot of fun, too. It’s a really healthy balance.”

- Robert Abel, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Science

Core values

We’re proud to be part of a company that values integrity, empowers collaboration, and champions the spirit of discovery. Our core values, appropriately, spell STRIVE:

Science: we are driven by scientific breakthroughs; It’s in our DNARespect: we respect everyone and value every opinionVeracity: we search for the truth in everything we doTeamwork: we work together as a team internally and with our users and partners worldwideInnovation: we innovate novel technologies to advance scienceEmpower: we empower our users, our partners and our team members to accelerate discovery
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