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Life Science: LiveDesign
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Digitally design, predict, analyze, and collaborate in a single platform

LiveDesign is a flexible, cloud-native working environment for your entire discovery team – spanning both small and large molecule research. Streamline workflows with centralized access to all project data (experiment and in silico predictions), cutting-edge computational modeling tools, and collaborative decision-making technology — all in a single interface.

The digital platform for modern drug discovery teams

Bridge the gap between your real and virtual data

Break data silos and gain real-time access to all project data — in silico and experimental — in a single centralized platform

Drive fewer, faster design cycles

Empower creativity and capture your best ideas with powerful predictive modeling workflows at your fingertips

Centralize collaboration and decision-making

Crowdsource ideas and interactively revise design strategies with your colleagues — anytime, anywhere

Accelerate discovery for a broad range of therapeutic modalities


Empower digital discovery across entire project teams

Perform full in silico DMTA cycles

  • Capture design ideas and hypotheses
  • Utilize powerful cheminformatics and predictive modeling to digitally test ideas and prioritize synthesis decisions
  • Track compound progression with live data updates
  • Build rich dashboards to analyze whole project data or individual molecules
  • Leverage integrated ML/AI technologies for iterative improvement on predictive models

Expand the impact of predictive modeling

  • Increase the impact of computational methods to drive discovery outcomes
  • Easily share validated models for self-service use across the entire project team
  • Outsource routine computational tasks and spend more time working on challenging modeling problems

Power your biologics discovery workflows

  • Combine all of your data — from sequence to structure to experiment
  • Streamline workflows such as candidate analysis and lead selection, candidate optimization and ideation, and collaborative data transitions
  • Track decisions and communication across all stages of common biologics discovery workflows
  • Flexibly develop and explore emerging AI/ML technologies with an agnostic snap-in/snap-out API framework

Streamline discovery processes and team collaboration

  • Track and visualize key project metrics
  • Utilize customizable dashboards for project monitoring and support team efforts
  • Standardize discovery workflows across programs and teams

Share and track data with CRO partners

  • Dynamically manage and view Make and Test queues
  • Create custom workflows for progression of compound synthesis and testing
  • Utilize live data systems to eliminate communication through spreadsheets and timezone constraints — data is available as soon as it’s loaded

Easily integrate any corporate data source

  • Snap-in web-based or in-house developed technologies via a connected API
  • Centralize design technologies into a single platform and data system
  • Reduce your integration and support burden by using a single SaaS platform

You’re in good company

“The ability to collaborate through LiveDesign was key — it meant that no matter when or where inspiration might strike, we had a platform to capture and share ideas.”
Matt BursavichVP, Head of Chemical Sciences, Morphic Therapeutic
“In Schrödinger’s LiveDesign we could consolidate best-of-breed scientific capabilities in a single interface, so that chemists can run standard modeling workflows in just a few clicks.”
Miriam Lopez-RamosComputational Chemistry Group Leader, Galapagos
“Seeing the ways in which different people on your team think can really open up new possibilities. We are often in meetings with LiveDesign open in front of us, editing in real time, presenting ideas, and making decisions about the best designs.”
Gloria Hernandez Torres & Daniel CarneySenior Scientists, Gastrointestinal & Inflammation (GI) Chemistry, Takeda

Case Studies & Webinars

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Training & Resources

Online certification courses

Level up your skill set with hands-on, online molecular modeling courses. These self-paced courses cover a range of scientific topics and include access to Schrödinger software and support.


Learn how to deploy the technology and best practices of Schrödinger software for your project success. Find training resources, tutorials, quick start guides, videos, and more.