Enzyme Engineering

Efficiently optimize enzymes using structure-based design

Efficiently optimize enzymes using structure-based design

Capabilities for in silico enzyme design

Easily build 3D enzyme structures directly from sequence and understand substrate binding to the active site

  • Import, analyze, and edit protein sequences, including quick sequence alignment and annotation with Multiple Sequence Viewer
  • Create high-quality homology models from sequence using a fully automated workflow
  • Perform structural refinement with Prime or equilibration via molecular dynamics with Desmond
  • Predict high fidelity experimental binding poses with advanced, fully flexible docking

Understand substrate binding to the active site

  • Perform quick docking
  • Predict high fidelity experimental binding poses with advanced, fully flexible docking

Improve kinetic performance and reactivity

  • Gain valuable insights into reaction mechanism through quantum mechanics (QM) calculations
  • Understand the transition state and reaction barriers
  • Combine the accuracy of quantum mechanics with the speed of molecular mechanics (QM/MM)

Improve specificity, selectivity and substrate range

  • Obtain accurate and efficient pKa predictions for titratable protein residues in complex interfaces or active sites using constant pH simulations
  • Perform fast and quick residue mutation scan with residue scanning
  • Engineer enzymes for thermostability, substrate selectivity and specificity with FEP+

Engineer enzymes with improved chemical and physical stability

  • Identify chemically labile residues on the protein surface
  • Accurately predict relative thermostability of mutational variants at elevated temperature
  • Predict residue mutations best suited to mitigate chemical liabilities
  • Predict aggregation propensity of surface residues of the enzyme

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Browse the list of peer-reviewed publications using Schrödinger technology in related application areas.

A Computational Approach to Enzyme Design: Predicting ω-Aminotransferase Catalytic Activity Using Docking and MM-GBSA Scoring

Sirin, S. et al. J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2014, 54(8), 2334-2346

Physics-based enzyme design: Predicting binding affinity and catalytic activity

Sirin, S. et al. Proteins. 2014, 82(12), 3397-3409

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