Materials Science

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Harness molecular simulation to optimize drug formulations and medical materials

Schrödinger works closely with leading biotech companies and start-ups, offering efficient digital tools to drive innovation in pharmaceutical formulations and materials for medical applications. With Schrödinger’s Materials Science platform, scientists can leverage molecular simulation and machine learning to optimize drug formulations, synthesize novel drug molecules, and develop high-performance polymer materials tailored for medical use.

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Digital solutions for pharmaceuticals and medical materials

Discover better molecules, faster with modern drug discovery tools

Drive high precision molecular design using a digital chemistry platform that provides scale and accuracy across all stages of your drug discovery programs.

Drug Discovery
Enable efficient synthesis of pharmaceutical ingredients

Digitally investigate reaction mechanisms to identify the best catalysts and reactions for innovative pharmaceutical ingredients.

Catalysis & Reactivity
Optimized drug product formulations

Predict key properties of drug formulations and crystal forms, informing ingredient selection and downstream formulation processes to advance your drug discovery projects.

Pharmaceutical Formulations & Delivery
Optimize material properties for medical-grade applications

Predict key properties such as binding of proteins to polymer surfaces to identify high-performance polymers for medical applications (e.g. biocompatible coatings, minimally-invasive surgical tools, suture materials, dialysis membranes, precision cancer imaging and neuroimaging).

Polymeric Materials
Improve the development of natural proteins with bioprocessing

Gain insights at the molecular level to guide the development of sustainable active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients from natural resources through techniques like precision fermentation, enzyme design, and strain engineering.

Case studies & webinars

Discover how Schrödinger technology is being used to solve real-world research challenges.

Advancing the design and optimization of drug formulations with coarse-grained molecular simulations

Demonstration of coarse-grained modeling of drug formulations using Schrödinger Materials Science Suite

Beyond the lab: Unleashing the potential of in silico modeling in drug product formulation

Featured courseMolecular Modeling for Materials Science: Pharmaceutical Formulations

Molecular modeling for materials science applications: Pharmaceutical formulations

Online certification course: Level-up your skill set in drug formulation modeling

Learn how to apply Schrödinger’s industry-leading software to understand the behaviors of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in your drug formulations.

  • Self-paced learning content
  • Hands-on access to Schrödinger software
  • Guided and independent case studies
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Software and services to meet your organizational needs

Software Platform

Deploy digital materials discovery workflows with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform grounded in physics-based molecular modeling, machine learning, and team collaboration.

Research Services

Leverage Schrödinger’s expert computational scientists to assist at key stages in your materials discovery and development process.

Support & Training

Access expert support, educational materials, and training resources designed for both novice and experienced users.