SEPT 14, 2023

Beyond the Lab: Unleashing the Potential of In Silico Modeling in Drug Product Formulation


John Shelley


In this webinar, we will explore Schrödinger’s leading molecular modeling and machine learning platform, including workflows for:

  • Drug product characterization: Predicting stability & reactivity, solubility, solid form characterization, and crystal polymorphs
  • Drug formulation: Modeling drug-excipient interactions and predicting complex thermodynamic and mechanical formulation properties

You will learn how digital chemistry tools facilitate rapid screening of formulation parameters, aiding in the identification of optimal drug delivery systems, excipient selection, and dosage forms. Following the webinar, a panel of Schrödinger researchers and scientists will be available to answer questions.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical scientist, researcher, or computational chemist, this webinar offers an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and explore the potential of in silico drug formulation to optimize drug development, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market.