Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering
Tackle materials engineering challenges with atomic-level simulations

Tackle materials engineering challenges with atomic-level simulations

A deep understanding of the fundamental structure, composition, and behavior of materials at the atomic scale is crucial for materials engineering. This understanding guides engineers as they tailor material properties to meet specific performance requirements.

Schrödinger’s Materials Science platform enables engineers to drive innovation and solve complex problems by providing atomic-level insight into their materials and the processing-structure-property relationships that govern them.

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Advantages of the Schrödinger platform for materials engineers

Understand the fundamental science behind specific engineering problems

  • Leverage atomic-scale simulation and machine learning to identify potential microscopic causes behind manufacturing challenges
  • Investigate atomic-scale behaviors that are impractical to diagnose experimentally

Optimize materials processing and manufacturing strategies

  • Use large-scale digital screening to efficiently select the most optimal materials for performance and processability
  • Enable reliable decision-making through the predictive modeling of end product properties

Leverage our team of experts

Benefit from Schrödinger’s team of computational chemistry experts offering dedicated technical and scientific support, as well as personalized training

Benefit from our large collection of online learning resources

Access vast online education resources, including tutorials and online courses, facilitating rapid upskilling of your team, including experimentalists who are new to computational chemistry

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Complex Formulations
Energy Capture & Storage
Organic Electronics
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FeaturedMolecular modeling for materials science applications

Online certification course: Level-up your skill set in materials innovation

Not familiar with Schrödinger software and interface? Benefit from vast educational resources, self-paced courses, and 1-1 training tailored for you. Schrödinger software is designed for experts and novices with easy-to-use interface and automated workflows, backed by dedicated scientific and technical support.

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You’re in good company

“I tried a few different modeling platforms, but as an experimentalist with no background in computational chemistry and limited coding experience, I found Schrödinger’s software the easiest to use.”
Jessica GoldenDirector of R&D, Sepion Technologies
“I’ve found that our customers in the mining sector don’t always understand the value of digital simulation — until they see it for themselves.”
Andrew JacksonScientist, Solvay
“By working closely with Schrödinger experts, we were impressed by how fast we were able to learn to apply molecular simulations, even with no prior modeling experience.”
Martin SettleSenior Research Manager, Polymer Science Sustainability & Packaging, Reckitt

Software and services to meet your organizational needs

Software Platform

Deploy digital materials discovery workflows with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform grounded in physics-based molecular modeling, machine learning, and team collaboration.

Research Services

Leverage Schrödinger’s expert computational scientists to assist at key stages in your materials discovery and development process.

Support & Training

Access expert support, educational materials, and training resources designed for both novice and experienced users.