Academic Research & Teaching

Academic Research & Teaching
Research and teaching with industry-leading modeling software

Elevate your research and teaching with industry-leading modeling software

As science becomes increasingly digital, the importance of incorporating computational technologies into academic research and course curriculum is critical. Whether you need access to cutting-edge molecular modeling for your research or you are educating the next-generation of scientists, Schrödinger has software and licensing options designed to fit the needs of your academic institution and classroom.

Join the thousands of scientists across academia and industry who have published peer-reviewed scientific papers using the software.


Academic Institutions

For Research

Drive your research with powerful computational software

Apply computational workflows to your small molecule, biologics, and materials science research

  • Leverage technology backed by 30+ years of basic research and continuously improved by Schrödinger’s scientific development team with user input
  • Support your research in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, and more
  • Benefit from flexible academic licensing options for individuals, departments, or whole institutions

For Teaching

Benefit from seamless web-based software for teaching

Learn about Teaching with Schrödinger

Prepare your students to solve the chemistry challenges of tomorrow

  • Teach chemistry using the same cutting-edge software used by biotech and material science professionals via a seamless web-based environment
  • Discover ready-made lessons and worksheets to complement student understanding
  • Connect theory to application by allowing students to build molecular structures and submit calculations on their own schedules

For Training

Learn new molecular modeling skills to advance your work

Browse Schrödinger Online Certification Courses

Level-up your skill set in molecular modeling with online certification courses

  • Participate in self-paced online courses covering a range of scientific topics in drug discovery and materials science
  • Gain hands-on experience and earn a certification of completion to add to your CV
  • Receive feedback and guidance from Schrödinger experts

Expand your access with an
academic site license

Learn more about large scale, university-wide access to Schrödinger’s Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Biologics, and Material Science suites for educators, students, and researchers.

FEP+ for Academic Research

Advance your research with industry-leading technology

FEP+ is Schrödinger’s proprietary, physics-based free energy perturbation technology for computationally predicting protein-ligand binding and other molecular properties at an accuracy approaching experimental methods across broad chemical space.

Schrödinger offers an affordable web-based solution for accessing FEP+ and all required GPU computing for academic researchers performing basic research. FEP+ for Academic Research is intended to promote basic research in chemistry, molecular biology, and related fields, and excludes use for commercial purposes such as drug discovery or other IP generating activities.

Maestro Viewer

A powerful, molecular visualization tool offered free to academia

Maestro Viewer is an intuitive interface for academic users to visualize and manipulate 3D structures using Schrödinger’s powerful rendering capabilities and chemical building tools. Maestro Viewer provides academic users the opportunity to gain familiarity with the Maestro interface and its visualization capabilities.

Maestro Viewer does not include access to molecular property predictions or the ability to run molecular simulations.

Software and services built for your needs

Software Platform

Deploy digital drug discovery workflows using a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for molecular modeling, design, and collaboration.

Research Services

Leverage Schrödinger’s computational expertise and technology at scale to advance your projects through key stages in the drug discovery process.

Support & Training

Access expert support, educational materials, and training resources designed for both novice and experienced users.