Maestro Viewer

Maestro Viewer

A powerful molecular visualization tool offered free to academia

Maestro Viewer is an intuitive interface for academic users to visualize and manipulate 3D structures using Schrödinger’s powerful rendering capabilities and chemical building tools. Maestro Viewer provides academic users the opportunity to gain familiarity with the Maestro interface and its visualization capabilities.

Maestro Viewer does not include access to molecular property predictions or the ability to run molecular simulations and is only available with an academic account.

What you can do with Maestro Viewer

  • Visualize and manipulate 3D structures
  • Gain an introduction to the Maestro interface
  • Load and view most pre-run simulation results from Maestro
  • View applications and workflows available in Maestro
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Ready to explore the full potential of Schrödinger tools?

Maestro is a powerful molecular modeling environment for accessing cutting-edge physics-based molecular simulation workflows, state-of-the-art machine learning, and advanced structure visualization. 

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