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Academic Site License

Large scale, university-wide access to Schrödinger software

Academic Site License
All campus access to:
  • Small molecule drug discovery, biologics discovery, and materials science software suites
  • Active learning technologies
  • PyMOL 3 molecular visualization software
  • Seats for Schrödinger online certification courses
  • Teaching with Schrödinger course materials

What’s Included

Enable teaching and research across your entire institution with Schrödinger’s industry-leading molecular modeling and machine learning tools.

Perform cutting edge research and train the next generation of scientists at your university with Schrödinger’s most comprehensive set of large-scale software licenses, spanning life science and materials science applications.

Powering teaching and research at leading universities

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Access leading molecular modeling software across your entire university

Academic Departments — Chemistry, Physics, Biology

Students and researchers in a variety of academic departments use Schrödinger software to: accelerate molecular design and evaluate chemical stability of molecules; understand reaction mechanisms; use theory to enhance product yield and output; and simulate IR, Raman, UV-Vis, and NMR spectroscopy.

Health Sciences & Medical School

Students and researchers medical schools and health science departments use Schrödinger software to: perform structure prediction, protein-ligand docking, virtual screening, and more; computationally engineer antibodies, peptides, enzymes, antigens, and other biologics modalities; and speed up pharmaceutical formulation development.

School of Engineering

Students and researchers in engineering schools use Schrödinger software to: model materials for batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, and more; simulate and analyze critical properties of component materials and interfaces; build machine learning models with automated cheminformatics tools; and enumerate and explore vast chemical space using streamlined workflows.

Solutions for diverse drug discovery and materials science applications

Structure Prediction & Target Enablement

Get more from your ideas by harnessing the power of large-scale chemical exploration and highly accurate, in silico property predictions

  • Structure Prediction & Target Enablement
  • Hit Discovery
  • Hit-to-Lead & Lead Optimization
  • Drug Formulation
In Silico Protein Engineering

Rationally design high-quality biologics with Schrödinger’s state-of-the-art computational modeling technologies

  • Antibody Design
  • Peptide Discovery
  • Enzyme Engineering
Polymeric Materials

Polymeric Materials

Understand and predict product performance through simulations of polymers at molecular and atomic scale.

  • Accurately predict chemical reactivity, polymer morphology, and key physicochemical properties
  • Design new polymers, screen formulations, and optimize manufacturing
  • Leverage easy to use, automated workflows for discovery and optimization
Organic Electronics

Organic Electronics

Discover optimal organic electronic materials with good conductivity, mechanical and thermal stability, and suitable for fabrication.

  • Accurately predict key optoelectronic properties
  • Run high-throughput screening for rapid design and discovery of advanced materials
  • Leverage easy-to-use, automated workflows backed by expert scientific support
Catalysis and Reactivity Lithium EC Cluster

Catalysis & Reactivity

Accelerate the discovery of the next generation of catalytic and non-catalytic processes.

  • Run automated workflows for high-throughput discovery of novel catalysts and reactants
  • Elucidate the details of reactivity, selectivity, and specificity
  • Leverage a collaborative enterprise platform for novel materials discovery
Thin Film Processing

Thin Film Processing

Optimize atomic level processing for the semiconductor industry and improve device performance.

  • Accurately predict surface reactivity to optimize deposition or etch processes
  • Validated prediction of precursor volatility by machine learning
  • Leverage efficient simulation tools for the design of novel chemicals for materials processing
Energy Capture Storage

Energy Capture & Storage

Accelerate the development of cleaner, lighter, safer, and more energy-efficient materials for batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaics.

  • Predict key properties for batteries, fuel cells, photovoltaics, and hydrogen storage R&D
  • Simulate and analyze critical properties of component materials and interfaces
  • Enumerate and explore vast chemical space using streamlined workflows
Complex Formulations

Complex Formulations

Optimize the properties of end formulation products across the pharmaceutical, consumer product, plastic, composite, and petrochemical industries.

  • Predict key properties with automated workflows
  • Accelerate ingredients selection with high-throughput screening and machine learning
  • Identify risks and predict performance in processing
Explore Educational Resources

Prepare your students to solve the chemistry challenges of tomorrow

Academic Site License includes access to:

  • Schrödinger’s online certificate courses in life science and materials science to advance students’ career development and enhance their research skills
  • Free curriculum and tutorials for educators to use with the software and enhance your courses
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