Schrödinger Platform Application across Aerospace Industry
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Design and optimize the next-generation of aerospace materials at the molecular level

Leverage industry-leading molecular simulation and machine learning to guide in silico design of novel materials for more lightweight and efficient airplanes and spacecraft.

Design and optimize the next-generation of aerospace materials
High-performance sealants and seals 

Develop sealants faster with molecular simulations for high-temperature applications in aerospace.

More sustainable batteries for electric aviation

Improve electrolyte and electrode chemistry for safer, lighter, and longer-lasting batteries.

Long-lasting bodies and wings

Uncover and refine lightweight, high-performance composite materials with molecular simulations. Digitally investigate the root causes of failure and defects to optimize manufacturing success.

More efficient electronics

Discover efficient, durable, and low-cost organic electronic materials for lighting and display systems with molecular simulations.

Next-generation paints and coatings 

Digitally investigate the curing and reaction chemistries in high-performance coatings for wind shields and bodies of airplanes and space vehicles.

Platform in action

Uncovering better materials for the spacecraft of tomorrow Blog
Uncovering better materials for the spacecraft of tomorrow

Learn how the US Air Force Research Laboratory is using digital chemistry to build the spacecraft of tomorrow

Combating climate change with next-generation batteries Blog
Combating climate change with next-generation batteries

Learn how Sepion achieved 10-fold improvement in their battery performance using Schrödinger’s Materials Science tools.

Case studies & webinars

Discover how Schrödinger technology is being used to solve real-world research challenges.

Exploration and validation of polycyanurate thermoset crosslinking mechanisms

Leveraging atomic scale modeling for design and discovery of next-generation battery materials

How to use atomistic simulations of polymers in an industrial setting

Software and services to meet your organizational needs

Software Platform

Deploy digital materials discovery workflows with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform grounded in physics-based molecular modeling, machine learning, and team collaboration.

Research Services

Leverage Schrödinger’s expert computational scientists to assist at key stages in your materials discovery and development process.

Support & Training

Access expert support, educational materials, and training resources designed for both novice and experienced users.