FEP+ for Academic Research

FEP+ for Academic Research

FEP+ is Schrödinger’s proprietary, physics-based free energy perturbation technology for computationally predicting protein-ligand binding and other molecular properties at an accuracy approaching experimental methods across broad chemical space.

Advance your research with industry-leading technology

Schrödinger offers an affordable web-based solution for accessing FEP+ and all required GPU computing for academic researchers performing basic research. FEP+ for Academic Research is intended to promote basic research in chemistry, molecular biology, and related fields, and excludes use for commercial purposes such as drug discovery or other IP generating activities.

Gold standard accuracy

Predictive accuracy approaching experiment (1 kcal/mol) as demonstrated in large-scale validation studies across diverse ligands and protein classes

Broad domain of applicability

Supports a broad range of calculations and perturbation types including relative binding, absolute binding, solubility, and protein residue mutation FEP

Widely published and adopted

Cited in over 1,000 publications and used widely by leading pharma and biotech companies

Apply FEP+ to your chemistry and molecular biology research

  • Probe the molecular mechanisms underpinning important molecular biology
  • Discover tool compounds to interrogate novel biology
  • Explore the mechanism of molecular recognition or signal transduction pathway via protein-protein binding
  • Understand the effects of protein mutations on evolution, diseases, and drug resistance

How it works

  • Requires access to Schrödinger Small Molecule Discovery Suite for system preparation
  • Web-based solution includes all GPU compute resources
  • Discounted per calculation pricing (minimum number required)
  • Restricted to academic research use
Pushing the Bounds of FEP+ for Academic Molecular Biology and Chemistry Research

The central ideas underlying a specialized simulation technology called free energy perturbation (FEP) date as far back as the 1950’s with the pioneering academic work led by Zwanzig.

With FEP+, “The Experiment is the Limit.”

Over the past century, small molecule drugs have represented the dominant modality in drug research, enabling medical breakthroughs that have saved countless lives.

Can AlphaFold Models be Used for Structure-Based Drug Design? A Perspective Two Years In
Can AlphaFold Models be Used for Structure-Based Drug Design? A Perspective Two Years In

Historically, scientists have only been able to leverage structure-based drug design (SBDD) when high-resolution crystal or cryo-EM structures are available for receptors of interest.

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