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LiveDesign for Biologics

Your digital biologics design & discovery lab

LiveDesign for Biologics

Digitally design, predict, analyze, and collaborate in a single platform

LiveDesign is a flexible, cloud-based informatics and analysis environment for your biologics discovery team. Streamline workflows with centralized access to all project data (experiment and in silico predictions), cutting-edge computational modeling tools, and collaborative decision-making technology — in a single interface. LiveDesign offers support for a broad range of biological therapeutic modalities.


Power your biologics discovery workflows with a centralized portal

Connect all your data — from sequence to structure to experiment 

  • Break down data silos by consolidating in vitro and in silico data into a centralized federated data platform
  • Track decisions and streamline communication across all stages of common biologics discovery workflows, such as multi-hit triage and model-driven predictions

Make data-driven decisions, together

  • Crowdsource ideas and interactively refine design strategies with your colleagues — anytime, anywhere
  • Increase project efficiency by securely and easily sharing data between teams and partners

Identify top candidates faster with in silico discovery tools

  • Fully integrate computational modeling execution, delivery, analysis, and 3D visualization into project workflows
  • Flexibly develop and explore emerging AI/ML technologies with an agnostic snap-in/snap-out API framework

Build live data dashboards for design, analysis, and collaboration

Live data sharing
3D visualization
Customized styling
Biologic format recognition
Experimental data
Computational predictions
Sequence analysis
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