Computational molecular modeling tools are changing the world of drug discovery and design. And yet while managing automated systems is anticipated to be an expectation of chemists going forward,1 employers are having a hard time finding workers skilled in the tools they need.2

Schrödinger's online courses show how industry-leading computational molecular modeling tools are used in drug discovery and materials design, and how you can incorporate these tools into research projects. In addition to utilizing modern techniques such as active learning and multimodal teaching, these courses will also provide a chance to work hands-on with Schrödinger software.

Whether you are looking for professional development, expanded skills for your CV, or a consistent way to onboard new employees, these courses will provide practical applications of computational modeling relevant to a wide range of research topics. At the end of a course, you will have a chance to apply the concepts you've learned to a case study using cutting-edge technology.

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Current course offerings:

Introduction to Molecular Modeling
in Drug Discovery

Learn how to apply molecular modeling in small-molecule drug discovery and design.

Introduction to Computational
Antibody Engineering

Learn molecular modeling solutions for antibody discovery and design.

High-Throughput Virtual Screening
for Hit Finding and Evaluation

Learn best practices for using virtual screening of large ligand libraries.

Schrödinger online courses include video instruction, tutorials, reading materials, and guided self-assessment tools, as well as lists of additional resources. Courses do not require any books or journal access. Access to relevant Schrödinger software is included during the time of the course.

Coming Soon: Molecular Modeling for Materials Science

From methodologies to applications, six new Schrödinger Online Courses introducing state-of-the-art molecular modeling approaches in materials science. Courses are asynchronous and come with access to Schrödinger software during the course session. Take one or bundle them all.

Organic Electronics

Challenges in OLED design and discovery

Homogeneous Catalysis & Reactivity

Exploring molecular reactivity and mechanism

Surface Chemistry

Atomic layer processing and heterogeneous catalysis

Pharmaceutical Formulations

Active pharmaceutical ingredients and their formulations

Polymeric Materials

Polymers and their properties under various conditions

Consumer Packaged Goods

Materials integral to the formulation of CPG

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Schrödinger Scholarship Program

Schrödinger offers a limited number of scholarships for each class session based on student need and scholarship availability. Email the education team to learn more.

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Upon verified completion of each course, students will receive a certificate of completion and a Schrödinger: Molecular Modeling Badge.

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Introduction to Molecular Modeling in Drug Discovery


Introduction to Computational Antibody Engineering


High-Throughput Virtual Screening for Hit Finding and Evaluation


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