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Identifying druggable pockets is an important early challenge in a structure-based first-in-class drug discovery project. However, locating these sites in drug design projects is often challenging. SiteMap’s proven algorithm helps identify binding sites, including allosteric binding sites and protein-protein interfaces, and evaluate their druggability. In addition to impacting lead discovery, SiteMap can assist researchers in lead optimization by providing insights into potential ligand-receptor interactions which can then guide modification of lead compounds to increase their binding potency.

Key Capabilities

Rapidly identify and rank binding sites
Rapidly identify and rank binding sites

Locate binding sites whose size, functionality, and extent of solvent exposure meet user specifications. Rank possible binding sites using physics-based criteria tuned to eliminate those not likely to be pharmaceutically relevant using SiteScore, the scoring function used to assess a site’s propensity for ligand binding.

Easy-to-use graphical interface
Easily visualize binding sites

Easily visualize binding sitesIdentify regions within the binding site suitable for occupancy by hydrophobic groups or by ligand hydrogen-bond donors, acceptors, or metal-binding functionality. Distinguish different binding site sub-regions which allows for ready assessment of a ligand’s complementarity.

Seamlessly proceed to docking and virtual screens on identified sites
Seamlessly proceed to docking and virtual screens on identified sites

Easily use identified sites to set up docking models for structure-based virtual screening experiments with Glide.

Explore binding sites to guide ligand design
Explore binding sites to guide ligand design

Use generated binding site maps to guide what types of ligand modifications would be expected to promote binding.

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