Accelerating innovation for polymeric materials with molecular modeling

Andrea Browning, Principal Scientist

Polymeric materials have found widespread applications across a diverse range of industries. Their development has traditionally relied on experimental exploration of candidate chemistries; which is time-consuming, expensive and limited in scope. As we push toward the next generation of polymers with enhanced performance and sustainability, computational chemistry and informatics provide a critical connection between chemistry and properties. Molecular modeling can be used for high throughput screening, gaining fundamental understanding and providing the foundation for enhanced collaboration between teams working on polymer development. This webinar will review how molecular modeling has become a practical and important tool for polymer research engineers and scientists to have in their toolbox.

Highlights of the webinar will include: 

  • Polymer innovation and manufacturing support using chemically informed simulations
  • Examples in areas of bio-based polymers, thermoset resins, thermoplastics such as polyacrylates, polyolefins
  • Techniques for integrating simulation into industrial research and development