Chinese webinar: Polymer innovation with computational chemistry

Dr. Yuling An, Product Manager for Materials Science Machine Learning and Enterprise Informatics

Polymers have found use in industries from aerospace composites to food packaging to drug delivery. Their usefulness is tied to the intersection of chemistry, macromolecular structure, and microscale behavior. As the use of polymers has grown so has the need for better tools to predict and understand how the chemistry, processing, and macromolecular structure impacts performance. This webinar will review computational chemistry developed for polymers and how it has become a practical tool for polymer research engineers and scientists to have in their toolbox.

  • Polymer property predictions using chemically informed simulations
  • Computational chemistry techniques for thermosets and thermoplastics
  • Examples in area of epoxy resins, polyacrylates, polyolefins
  • Techniques for integrating simulation into industrial research and development


  • 使用化学信息模拟进行聚合物性能预测
  • 应用于热固性和热塑性塑料的计算化学技术
  • 环氧树脂,聚丙烯酸酯,聚烯烃领域的实例
  • 如何将计算模拟技术融合到工业研发中