Driving the Development of Bio-Based Polymers with Molecular Simulation


Dr. Andrea Browning
Scientific Lead, Polymers and Soft Matter


Renewable sources have become a valuable asset to industries, driven by the desire for bio-based polymers in consumer packaging, carbon fibre composites and much more. While undeniably positive, this shift in materials production presents unique challenges. For example, how do we expand and build on the experience our teams already have in developing and manufacturing petroleum-based polymers in a way that transfers seamlessly to these new systems?

Molecular simulation presents a way to deal with these adaptations. By providing a critical window into how bio-based polymers behave and allowing effective formulation, there are exciting opportunities for progress, coupled with sizeable time and cost-saving potential.

In this hour-long webinar with industry expert Andrea Browning, we’ll explore how research leaders, material scientists and polymer scientists can learn new techniques for screening and evaluating the performance of bio-based polymer materials.