New Schrödinger Licensing Infrastructure Roll-Out

New License Manager provides improved security, transparency, and flexibility

Licensing Documentation Diagram Illustration

License Manager

Schrödinger is pleased to announce the launch of Schrödinger License Manager, our new licensing infrastructure which will be rolled out to replace the existing FlexLM package throughout 2024. The new License Manager is designed for improved security, transparency, and flexibility and empowers you to focus on your science rather than the intricacies of licensing. These changes will enhance transparency and simplify the underlying mechanism of licensing to the benefit of both IT teams and researchers.

The initial launch of Schrödinger License Manager in the 2024-2 Schrödinger Software release will provide:

  • Increased security: Uses TLS certification and fully encrypted transport
  • Simpler networking: Only a single tcp port on the server is required
  • More relevant info in log files: Job-centric licensing events
  • More robust queue-based license checking: Better handling of pooled licenses
  • Clearer end-user license status in Maestro: At-a-glance determination of the licensing environment available to Maestro
  • Future proof: Enables faster implementation of new software features


Additionally, the new licensing infrastructure will also enable the following future improvements:

  • Native support for consumable licenses: Reduces the need for maintaining multiple license servers and simplifies deployments
  • Fully automated license delivery: Reduces the number of manual operations and emails involved in license delivery
  • More transparent reporting of usage: Ability to view and generate reports of historical usage, making it easier to see how, when and by who your licenses are being used
  • Better scalability: Increased performance under high load when multiple users are running expansive workflows across multiple resources


Next Steps

Please visit our License Manager page to learn how to set up and test the infrastructure, deploy production licenses, and configure client machines. Most customers will be transitioned to the new license server at their next license renewal, but please reach out to your account manager or if you’d prefer to get up and running sooner. Customers with LiveDesign, Hosted License Servers, or Virtual Clusters will be contacted individually by Schrödinger to manage the transition.

We are confident that the new licensing infrastructure will provide a number of benefits to you and we look forward to continuing to improve your experience with Schrödinger software.