FEB 28, 2024

Chemical innovation for regulatory changes: Leveraging digital simulations for efficient molecular design

Regulations in chemical and materials manufacturing continue to evolve as our understanding of the impact of man-made materials on the environment and human health improves. Together with the increased focus on improved sustainability to help ensure the long-term safety of products, these concerns have caused substitute chemistry activities to grow across nearly all industries.

Given the need to change core chemistries in more and more cases, how can scientists and engineers be more effective in their search?

In this webinar we will explore:

  • How digital simulations and molecular modeling tools can be leveraged to better screen substitute chemistry
  • How digital workflows can help build understanding of the critical performance characteristics of existing and substitute chemistry
  • Examples of how the computational technologies in Schrödinger’s Materials Science Suite have been applied to respond to regulatory changes in the consumer products, specialty chemicals, and plastics industries

Our Speaker

Andrea Browning

Director – Polymers and Soft Matter Schrödinger

Andrea Browning is responsible for leading efforts related to polymer and soft matter simulation. Prior to joining Schrödinger in 2017, she was a lead research engineer and project manager at The Boeing Company. She brings over a decade of experience in connecting simulations to industrial decisions.