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Versatile, full-featured molecular modeling program



MacroModel is a force field-based molecular modeling tool with a range of advanced features and methods for examining molecular conformations, molecular motion, and intermolecular interactions. This flexible program can be utilized for diverse research applications, including organic and inorganic molecules and oligomers, organometallic complexes, and complex biological systems.

Key Capabilities

Trusted energetics

Obtain reliable estimation of energetics using a combination of high-quality force fields and GB/SA implicit solvation model

Industry-leading conformation search

Benefit from a wide range of conformational searching methods, capable of handling systems ranging from small molecules to entire proteins with the ability to apply constraints and focus the calculation on a small region to enhance speed

Flexible constraints

Apply constraints to focus the calculation on a small region to enhance speed

Efficient serial calculations in one click

Automatically perform separate calculations on many different input molecules

Integrated to complement many other tools

Improve efficiency and accuracy of conformational investigation and minimization for molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics calculations

Diverse force fields selection options

Leverage a diversity of force fields, including MM2, MM3, AMBER, AMBER94, MMFF, MMFFs, OPLS, OPLS_2005, and OPLS4, to support a wide range of research applications

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Training & Resources

Online certification courses

Level up your skill set with hands-on, online molecular modeling courses. These self-paced courses cover a range of scientific topics and include access to Schrödinger software and support.


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