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Virtual Cluster

A secure, scalable environment for running simulations on the cloud

Virtual Cluster

Simplify your high-performance compute infrastructure with a turn-key cloud environment

The Schrödinger Virtual Cluster is an enabling technology that provides access to Schrödinger software in a standardized, secure, and scalable cloud environment. The Virtual Cluster includes pre-configured Schrödinger software, job compute orchestration, a web portal for accessing Maestro software, and all maintenance and quarterly software release updates.

Key Capabilities

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Automatically scale your compute resources to meet your project demands

The Virtual Cluster automatically provisions compute resources based on the workload requirements, license availability, and configurable scheduling rules.

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Reduce your infrastructure maintenance burden

Includes a plug-and-play cloud environment with pre-installed Schrödinger software and all routine cluster maintenance by Schrödinger Solution Architects

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Bring your own cloud or use a Schrodinger-hosted solution

Host the Virtual Cluster in your own cloud account or use a Schrödinger-hosted solution

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