High Performance Computing with Schrödinger in the Cloud


There’s no need to limit the screening of chemical space to the computing capacity of your on-premise data center. Use Schrödinger's GUI Maestro directly in-browser or submit jobs and amplify the backend computing resources you need, when you need them, with the auto-scaling Virtual Clusters of Schrödinger in the Cloud.



Access auto-scaled cloud-based Schrödinger Virtual Clusters and avoid the set-up time of an in-house system.

Screen vast areas of chemical space in a fraction of the time it would take with on-premise computing resources.

Drastically decrease project turnaround times by leveraging on-demand computing resources for both CPUs and GPUs.


Avoid the complexity and expense of equipment, time and effort needed to build out and operate a data center.

Access the latest GPU hardware without having to recycle your stack every 12-18 months along with automatic software updates every quarter.

Avoid the cost of computers that sit idle. Smart scaling means you pay only for what you use with the Virtual Cluster only creating resources if needed.


Computing resources automatically adjust to quickly increase or decrease based on the project’s needs.

Gain insight to forecast future projects by tracking the scale and spend of completed programs.

Stay in control and in budget with user-defined scale, spend, user and/or project rules.

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