PyMOL 3.0 Exhibit

PyMOL 3.0 Exhibit

This exhibition is dedicated to the art of molecular visualizations and PyMOL 3.0 as a tool for making them.

Dancing Machines

All proteins move, but it is particularly spectacular when hundreds of them come together in concert to produce macroscopic movement.

Expressive Artifice

Even artificial, non-physical movement like letting a ligand slide into a binding pocket can provide us with an intuitive understanding of a process beyond what a static image can convey.

Cooperative Contact

Visually, we can cut through complexity and understand the source of productive and cooperative interactions.

In the Eye of the Beholder

The limitations of directly observing things at the atomic scale add a layer of indirection between observer and object – the model. This allows us to shape what we see and impart meaning beyond what is physically visible.

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