LiveDesign for Biologics: Improving and expediting biologics discovery with a centralized, collaborative informatics platform

Biologics discovery teams are in need of a comprehensive way to capture and analyze immense amounts of data across all stages of the discovery process. De-siloing this critical information, as well as providing integrated design tools and seamless methods for interdisciplinary communication and collaboration, would allow for more efficient and effective decision-making in therapeutic candidate lead selection and optimization.

This webinar will explore how LiveDesign, Schrödinger’s collaborative enterprise informatics platform, can expedite and improve decision-making in biologics discovery by:

  • Uniting all critical experimental data, in silico data, and metadata in one centralized hub
  • Supplying in-platform tools for decision tracking and streamlined communication
  • Integrating and democratizing computational modeling execution, delivery, and 3D visualization
  • Providing an agnostic snap-in/snap-out framework for flexible evolution of workflows

Learn how LiveDesign can accelerate biologics discovery workflows with a software demonstration and live Q&A featuring:

  • Therapeutic candidate analysis and triage
  • Assessment and integration of in silico predictions
  • Mutagenesis analysis for therapeutic candidate optimization

Our Speaker

Cindy Gerson

Senior Lead Product Manager, Enterprise Informatics

Cindy Gerson, senior lead product manager, enterprise informatics, joined Schrödinger in 2022. In her role, she leads the LiveDesign for Biologics development efforts – using her extensive knowledge and years of first-hand experience at the lab bench to design software tools that expedite and improve biologics discovery workflows. Prior to joining Schrödinger, Cindy worked at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in the field of monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics discovery, where she developed, optimized, and executed platforms for the isolation of target-specific antibodies. She completed her BS in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University and her MS in Bioengineering at Georgia Tech.