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Schrödinger’s Online Courses

What’s included in the free course preview?

The goal of this free course preview is to help you gain a better understanding of the Schrödinger online certification course experience. After you complete the form below, we’ll send you login credentials to access our learning management system. You will be able to watch abbreviated lesson videos, explore learning modules, and navigate course content examples. This free course preview does not include most of the benefits that are available in the paid online courses.


What’s included in the full paid course?

Enrollment in paid Schrödinger Online Courses includes several important benefits that are not available in the free course preview:

  • Access to Schrödinger software and support
  • Access to a web-based interface (a virtual cluster) for performing hands-on calculations
  • Participation in a graded case study at the end of each course to demonstrate mastery of the material
  • Delivery of a Schrödinger certificate and badge for your CV upon completion of the full course
  • Enrollment in paid courses includes access to Schrödinger software and virtual cluster

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