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Corporate Sustainability & ESG

Corporate Sustainability at Schrödinger follows a simple formula. When we add value to the world, we create value for our company, and when we build value for ourselves, we generate value for the world. This virtuous cycle is embodied in our Corporate Sustainability platform, VALUE2.

We combine a deep understanding of physics, chemistry, and predictive modeling, with a commitment to embedding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into the way that we operate, serve, and engage. We believe investing in corporate sustainability will positively impact our stakeholders, is imperative to long-term business success, and aligns with our responsibility to positively contribute to society.

To learn more, read our inaugural 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our DEI philosophy is focused on ensuring that our employees feel safe, heard, comfortable, and valued. By embracing our people and their diversity of opinions and ideas, we empower them to take action, ultimately fostering more creativity, novel ways of thinking, better problem-solving, and greater perspective within our organization.

DEI at Schrödinger is embedded across our organization, and its governance includes voices at all levels of the company. Our DEI Council, made up of a select group of senior leaders, Employee Resource Group (ERG) representatives and passionate employees, meet regularly to advise upon our DEI strategy, priorities, and goals. Our six ERGs provide a safe and equitable space for employees and allies to advance inclusivity, create opportunities for education and awareness, and contribute to ongoing business objectives.

To learn more about DEI at Schrödinger, please read our inaugural 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report.

Environmental Sustainability

Schrödinger operates responsibly wherever we do business, while maintaining environments that provide inspiration and comfort for employees. At our U.S. sites, we offer recycling and composting — along with applicable training — wherever possible.

In late 2022, we built out two new U.S. offices, while adding 27,000 square feet to our headquarters in New York City. We completed all three of these projects adhering to the highest level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification available based on the conditions of existing structures. As we grow, we are committed to building out future office and lab space in an environmentally sound manner, maintaining our focus on LEED standards and employee wellness.

To learn more about Schrödinger’s operational environmental footprint, please read our inaugural 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report.

Our Core Principles

We are driven to be the world leader in transforming drug discovery and materials design by relentlessly pursuing scientific and technology breakthroughs.

We are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our customers, partners, patients, and other stakeholders.

We deeply value our dedicated employees and invest in their growth, development, and well-being.

We help and support each other, generously and with compassion.

We pursue a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace where teamwork and collaboration are valued, and open, respectful debate is welcome and encouraged.

We strive to do the right thing, applying the highest ethical standards to our work and always considering how our actions impact individuals and communities who depend on us.

Download Our Inaugural Corporate Sustainability Report

Our first Corporate Sustainability Report is an important milestone in Schrödinger’s growth and evolution. Download our report to learn more about our ESG commitments, impact, and disclosures.

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