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Prepared Commercial Libraries

Jump-start your virtual screens with prepared databases of commercially available small molecules

Save compute time and effort using pre-prepared databases for immediate deployment with a variety of structure-based and ligand-based virtual screening technologies including Glide, Active Learning Glide, Phase, Shape-GPU, and QuickShape. Schrödinger has partnered with Enamine, MilliporeSigma, MolPort, WuXi, and Mcule to provide databases of fragments, lead-like, near drug-like, and drug-like compounds ranging from millions to billions of compounds encompassing a vast chemical space.


Ready inputs for ligand- and structure-based hit discovery

Large commercial libraries (up to 10 million compounds)

Ultra-large libraries (up to 6.5 billion compounds)

  • Enamine REAL
  • WuXi LabNetwork
  • Mcule Ultimate

Diverse screening technologies and compatible libraries

Phase Shape QuickShape Glide Active Learning Glide
Enamine Screening
Millipore Sigma
Mcule Screening
Enamine REAL
WuXi  ✔  ✔
Mcule Ultimate  ✔  ✔

Case studies & webinars

Discover how Schrödinger technology is being used to solve real-world research challenges.

Dramatically improving hit rates with a modern virtual screening workflow

Expect success: Modern virtual screening technologies that actually deliver high-quality, developable hits

Active Learning Glide – Screen billions of compounds efficiently and cost effectively

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Shape Screening

Efficient ligand-based virtual screening of millions to billions of molecules

Active Learning Applications

Accelerate discovery with machine learning

Virtual Screening Web Service

Virtual, novel hits from a billion-compound library delivered in one week


Browse the list of peer-reviewed publications using Schrödinger technology in related application areas.

Life Science
Shape-Based Virtual Screening of a Billion-Compound Library Identifies Mycobacterial Lipoamide Dehydrogenase Inhibitors

Training & Resources

Online certification courses

Level up your skill set with hands-on, online molecular modeling courses. These self-paced courses cover a range of scientific topics and include access to Schrödinger software and support.


Learn how to deploy the technology and best practices of Schrödinger software for your project success. Find training resources, tutorials, quick start guides, videos, and more.