Your complete digital molecular design lab

Digitally design, predict, analyze and collaborate in a single platform

Bridge the gap between your real and virtual data

Break data silos and gain real-time access to all project data — virtual and experimental — in a single centralized platform

Drive fewer, faster 
design cycles

Empower creativity and capture your best ideas with powerful predictive modeling workflows at your fingertips

Centralize collaboration and decision-making

Crowdsource ideas and interactively revise design strategies with your colleagues — anytime, anywhere

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LiveDesign is a flexible, cloud-native working environment for your entire discovery team

Medicinal Chemistry

Perform full in silico DMTA cycles

  • Capture design ideas and hypotheses
  • Utilize powerful cheminformatics and predictive modeling to digitally test ideas and prioritize synthesis decisions
  • Track compound progression with live data updates
  • Build rich dashboards to analyze whole project data or individual molecules
  • Leverage integrated ML/AI technologies for iterative improvement on predictive models

Computational Chemistry

Expand the impact of predictive modeling

  • Increase the impact of computational methods to drive discovery outcomes
  • Easily share validated models for self-service use across the entire project team
  • Outsource routine computational tasks and spend more time working on challenging modeling problems

Structural Biology

Centralize structure data and 3D visualization

  • Store, search, and organize target structures
  • Utilize expert pipelines to align and prepare protein structures
  • View, overlay, and assess structures in 3D to drive target selection

Leadership & Program Management

Streamline discovery processes and team collaboration

  • Track and visualize key project metrics
  • Utilize customizable dashboards for project monitoring and support team efforts
  • Standardize discovery workflows across programs and teams

External Partner Managers

Share and track data with CRO partners

  • Dynamically manage and view Make and Test queues
  • Create custom workflows for progression of compound synthesis and testing
  • Utilize live data systems to eliminate communication through spreadsheets and timezone constraints - data is available as soon as it’s loaded


Easily integrate any corporate data source

  • Snap-in web-based or in-house developed technologies via a connected API
  • Centralize design technologies into a single platform and data system
  • Reduce your integration and support burden by using a single SaaS platform

Join a community of scientists

The ability to collaborate through LiveDesign was key – it meant that no matter when or where inspiration might strike, we had a platform to capture and share ideas.”

–Matt Bursavich
VP, Head of Chemical Sciences,
Morphic Therapeutic

In Schrödinger’s LiveDesign we could consolidate best-of-breed scientific capabilities in a single interface, so that chemists can run standard modeling workflows in just a few clicks.”

–Miriam Lopez-Ramos
Computational Chemistry Group Leader,

Morphic Therapeutic leverages digital chemistry strategy to design a novel small molecule inhibitor of α4β7 integrin

Accelerating DMTA cycles with fast, push button free energy calculations available to entire project teams

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