GA Optoelectronics

Design solution for novel molecular materials in optoelectronic applications based on a generative algorithm

GA Optoelectronics


GA Optoelectronics enables the generation of novel chemical space for molecular materials with desired properties for optoelectronic applications via a genetic algorithm. The optoelectronics capabilities are designed to leverage rapid screening to complement experimental development by elucidating molecular properties and informing future synthetic targets.

Key Capabilities

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Generate a library of compounds within the target property space with genetic optimization
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Account for multiple properties when optimizing molecular structures (e.g redox potential, excited state energies or any experimental properties)
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Design new and diverse structures using density functional theory (DFT) calculations or pre-built machine learning models
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Explore structural mutations (element, fragment, isoelectronic) within basic molecular design constraints (number of atoms, molecular weight)

Broad applications across materials science research areas

Get more from your ideas by harnessing the power of large-scale chemical exploration and accurate in silico molecular prediction.

Polymeric Materials
Complex Formulations
Energy Capture & Storage
Organic Electronics
Consumer Packaged Goods
Catalysis & Reactivity

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