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WScore Beta

Advanced docking and scoring solution powered by water network analysis

WScore Beta

Improve the accuracy of protein-ligand poses by leveraging explicit water energetics

WScore is a sophisticated solution for protein–ligand docking and scoring that leverages explicit water energetics in the binding site to more accurately score ligand poses. When used as part of a modern large-scale virtual screening workflow that includes Active Learning Glide docking and highly accurate Absolute Binding FEP+ calculations (ABFEP+), WScore can efficiently rescore and prioritize ligands to improve hit enrichment rates.

Perform enhanced pose prediction

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Generate more reliable predictions of ligand binding poses by incorporating a flexible description of explicit water molecules
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Improve the identification and optimization of potential binding modes needed for the development of potent and selective compounds

Accurately score leads to improve rank ordering

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Incorporate WScore into a virtual screening funnel to accurately rescore ligands in order to more effectively prioritize compounds for experimental testing or more advanced ABFEP+ scoring

Reduce false positives in virtual screens

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Reduce false positives by filtering out compounds that are incompatible with the target binding site
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Synthesize and test dramatically fewer compounds as a result of a more efficient virtual screening process

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Dramatically improving hit rates with a modern virtual screening workflow

Expect success: Modern virtual screening technologies that actually deliver high-quality, developable hits

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