SARvision | Biologics

A desktop application for biologics informatics

SARvision | Biologics: A desktop application for biologics informatics

This program is based on a smart spreadsheet that simplifies work with biopolymers, including peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, chemically modified residues, and unnatural amino acids. Advanced tools to relate sequence to activity, visualize results, and organize data are also included.

  • Understand SAR of peptides, antibodies, or nucleic acids
  • Organize scaffolds in a hierarchical tree
  • Work with unnatural or chemically modified residues
  • Operate on cyclized structures, including cyclic peptides
  • Highlight active compounds with heat maps
  • Focus on regions of interest in your sequence
  • Look for point mutations causing large changes in activity
  • Load sequences and perform alignments automatically or manually
  • Examine thousands of sequences efficiently

Citations and Acknowledgements

Schrödinger Release 2022-4: SARvision | Biologics, Schrödinger, LLC, New York, NY, 2021.

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